RJ Watches SA guarantees that its products are exempt from material and manufacturing defects during the warranty period. This warranty is only valid for end clients. End clients who have acquired an RJ watch are covered by this warranty in all countries with an approved RJ Watches SA repair center or approved RJ Watches SA retailer. The conditions of the warranty are specific to RJ Watches SA only.

A prolongation of the warranty is applicable for selected models after registration of the watch on the RJ Club page (club.rjwatches.com).

Claims made by end clients may only relate to this warranty. Additional client rights according to the Swiss legislation in force, warranty rights derived from the sales contract as well as all other rights according to the law are unalterable by this warranty.

RJ Watches SA undertakes to repair, replace or reimburse the defective product according to its judgement in line with the warranty terms below. Repairs within the framework of the warranty must be carried out by RJ Watches SA or a service center that is approved by RJ Watches SA. Products that are repaired or exchanged may contain new and/or reused components.

International Warranty


The warranty period begins on the date of the first sale of the new product by RJ Watches SA or a retailer approved by RJ Watches SA to an end client and is valid for a two-year period. On the date of purchase by the end client, the warranty certificate delivered with the RJ watch must be duly dated and bear the official stamp of RJ Watches SA or the approved retailer.

In order to benefit from the warranty coverage, end clients must present the original purchase invoice(namely the invoice received at the time the new product was first purchased by the end client from an approved retailer) as well as the warranty certificate.

Warranty Certificate

The warranty certificate delivered with the RJ watch contains a unique identification number. In the event of loss or theft, please contact the RJ Watches SA After-Sales Service: sales@rjwatches.com

The Warranty

During the warranty period and upon presentation of the valid warranty certificate, the end client has the right to have any defect repaired free of charge. In the event of the repairs proving ineffective in restoring the RJ watch to normal working condition, RJ Watches SA guarantees replacement thereof by a similar RJ model. The warranty of the replacement watch will expire twenty-four(24)months after the date on which the replacement watch was acquired.

The international warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and aging of parts;
  • Abnormal use or absence of regular maintenance of the watch;
  • Defects results from magnetic fields or climatic conditions;
  • Moisture infiltration in the case and effects of oxidation(for non-water-resistant watches);
  • Alterations, manipulations, disassembly or repairs undertaken by anyone other than a retailer approved by RJ Watches SA or a service center approved by RJ Watches SA;
  • Straps made of leather, rubber synthetic polymers or any other non-metallic material;
  • Watches whose serial number or any other identification mark has been erased or altered;
  • Theft or loss.